I. Z. Konteh

Hello everyone!

In my everyday life, what matters the most to me is how we connect with one another. That’s why I want to encourage open and honest conversations — because when we help each other be authentic and real, we can help each other grow as individuals and as a society.

Let’s share our stories. I look forward to getting to know each other.

Isatu Z. Konteh
Isatu. Z. Konteh

About I. Z.

Isatu Zama Konteh is an engaged advocate for gender equality, community development and a mother of two children. She holds a Masters Degree in Rural Development, a Bachelor's Degree in Education, and Higher Teacher's Certificate. Over the past 20 years, she has been involved with a variety of causes as a consultant, director, manager, speaker and mentor, including the US Peace Corps, Mano River Union, women’s and girls’ rights and the role of women in rural development.

Women’s empowerment advocate

As part of her advocacy, she co- founded Geko- Sierra Leone, a national NGO which is registered as an affiliate of Geo Unna in Germany primarily focusing on women’s empowerment and addressing issues related to disadvantaged young boys and girls. Through her work with GEKO – Sierra Leone, where she now serves as Executive Director, she helped thousands of women, young boys and girls to overcome life adversities.

Isatu Z. Konteh
Isatu Z. Konteh

Committed to excellent leadership

In her many roles as a manager, consultant, director, teacher, administrator, mother and wife, Madam I. Z. is committed to bringing out the best in every person. She understand the very essence of being human, and regularly stimulate hope amongst her teams for brighter futures.

She works alongside her people to appease their anxieties and solicit their input for improvements. She listens to her people’s ideas and transform them into something powerful, and establish relationships based on confidence and trust.

A strong voice for education

I. Z. taught for several years from primary school to secondary school. She is presently the school administrator of Leone International Academy. The school operates Day Care, Nursery, Primary, Junior Secondary, and a Senior Secondary school. She supervises the smooth running of the academy which has produced very good result from NPSC level, BECE level and to WASSCE level.

Isatu Z. Konteh

A seasoned woman of faith

A woman of faith is never intimidated by what is happening around her. She knows that beyond her belief, lies many breakthroughs. Madam I. Z. Konteh is a longtime member of the Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone where she has served for many years in various capacities as Treasurer, Financial Secretary etc. Through her commitment to serving the Christian community, she became the first female lay leader of the Michael Dean Mueller Wesleyan Church in Lumley, Freetown. Her faith has guided her all along her journey of life as a servant of the Lord. She has been dedicated and committed to her calling to serve God through her congregation and she is a true woman of faith.

I. Z. Konteh

A passion for making a difference

Madam I.Z. Konteh is an example of how ordinary people can make a huge difference in a society. Her intrinsic curiosity and her willingness to advocate for women and the disadvantaged motivated her to co-found Geko-Sierra Leone, a national NGO and an affiliate of Geo Unna in Germany primarily focused on women’s empowerment and addressing issues related to disadvantaged young boys and girls. "I really believe that we women carry a lot on our shoulders and are stronger than we think. I believe you can do and be whoever you want to be with hard work, dedication and prayers. Never give up! Keep your heart open to all the goodness that the universe brings. Support other women!"