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Stronger Together. 

Inspired by People

Every Person. Every Region Matters

because, "we all nar wan"

With the challenges we face today as a country and in the APC Party, we have to create the space to reach out to and include every person from every region. Dr. Richard Konteh and D-Unifier Team are travelling around the country and internationally, meeting and engaging with every Sierra Leonean who feel left out in the political process and system.

Dr. Richard Konteh visits Mobai Town, Mandu Chiefdom in Kailahun District

Dr. Richard Konteh was in Mobai Town to sympathize with the bereaved family of late Lawyer Joseph Gomoi Kobba. Hearing the visit of D-Unifier in Mobai Town, the Kailahun District Executive members of the mighty APC Party came in hundreds to welcome Dr. Richard Konteh, saying that he has been the only high political figure that identified with them after the 2018 general elections.

Dr. Richard Konteh visits the North and Northwest

Visiting my people in the Northwest and North of Sierra Leone. Making important stops in Lungi, Lokomasama, Port Loko, Makeni, Koinadugu District and Falaba District. You can feel the momentum! The message is "We All Nar Wan."

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) Meeting, Interacting & Engaging with Several Ataya Bases

Dr. Richard Konteh continues to constantly engage and interact with several Ataya Base members. Recently, he was at the Rogbaneh Road Ataya Base, Mixed Point Ataya Base, Attitudinal Change Ataya Base, the All Friends Ataya Base, and the Tipper Ground Ataya Base in Makeni.

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) Engages Zonal Executives of Constituencies 37 and 38 in Makeni

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) engaging zonal executives of constituencies 37 and 38 in Makeni. He spoke to them about the need to believe in APC as the only political institution that unarguably has the know-how to foster peace, cohesion and development in Mama Salone. He said the APC under the leadership of former President Ernest Bai Koroma manifested this and the same will continue when the party  regains power in 2023. 

D-Unifier told his audience that the 2023 election would not be an easy one and the party membership therefore has the onus to evaluate all aspirants and put forward the best candidate to contest the 2023 elections to secure victory for the APC party and the country as a whole.

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) Visits Paramount Chief Madam Melrose Foster

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) and team on behalf of the All People's Congress party paid a courtesy call to Paramount Chief Madam Melrose Foster in Gbonge Town, Kpanda-kemoh Chiefdom in Bonthe District.

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) Embarks On Routine Tour In The Southern Region

Dr. Richard Konteh (D-Unifier) embarked on a routine tour of the southern region to meet and allay the fears of party membership in that part of the country. Click here to learn more about the tour.

D-Unifier Team Visits Pujehun District

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Dr. Richard Konteh

Dr. Richard Konteh meets with executive members of the six constituencies in Pujehun District.

Dr. Richard Konteh

Dr. Richard Konteh meets with members of the six constituencies in Pujehun District.

We've got to make sure our democracy includes everyone.

Your Support Makes the Difference!

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