Dr. Richard Konteh


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Dr. Richard Konteh

(We All Nar Wan)

APC Flag bearer 2023

We have a big choice to make the APC Party the best and to move our country forward. I can’t do this without you.

Join Me Today & Help Make A Change!

I’m looking forward to connecting with you, and listening and learning from you, your families, and friends. Your stories and ideas continue to form the core of our campaign.

This campaign is powered by you! 

Now more than ever, we need a politics of belonging -- defined not by who we push out, but by how we can call one another to our highest values.

Help grow this movement today! 

We cannot let the tired ideas of the past slow us down.

Fellow Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone, It's Time for Visionary Leadership!

It's Time for a New APC Party you will be proud of!


Visionary leaders believe the impossible is achievable and must be done!

At this moment in the history of the APC party, everyone is calling for leadership that will make our party better and successful.


At this moment in our national history, Sierra Leoneans are crying for leadership that cares for the ordinary people.

We invite you to join "D-Unifier" to rebuild our APC party and our dear homeland, and give the more than 6 million people who live in poverty, the opportunity to better their lives.


Let's rebuild Sierra Leone into the country you deserve and are proud of. 


Seize the Moment!

Our country Sierra Leone is in a period of tremendous upheaval. The more we visualize what comes next, the clearer it becomes that the future of our country is hopeless.

The APC Party is facing serious challenges both internally by our structures that need urgent reforms, and externally by an aggressive governing party in power orchestrating chaos and instability for the APC Party and the country. 


We need to do something new and bold to get the APC Party and our country back on track. We have to solve our challenges with bold, innovative ideas. Without these ideas and a real plan for progress we cannot utilize our country’s capacity to help people when they need it most.


I believe in a democratic All People’s Congress Party that includes everyone (young, old, rich, poor, at home or in the diaspora). I believe in a party of unity and forward thinking; a party that nurtures young talents and give them the space to grow and excel; a party that works for the working families of this country. 

I’m running to be the APC Party Presidential Candidate (Flag Bearer) in 2023, because our country needs new leadership that puts people first, not politics.

We need a leader that fights for social justice, equality, compassion, unity, and an economy that allows everyone to thrive.  As the APC Party Flagbearer, that will be my fight.

We cannot let the tired ideas of the past slow us down, because the challenges are too great.

Now is our chance to work together to elect leaders at every level of government who will build a better, more inclusive future for our APC party, and for our country - Sierra Leone.

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